72 Young People Arrive To Be Trained And Sent As Missionaries (+New Videos)

The biggest DTS we've ever had!

Growth seems to be a continuing theme but what God is doing here is undeniable!

This wont be a huge in-depth update but we did want share a few things going on before we head out on some trips to finish off 2018. Thanks for reading and checking in!

Growing & Growing

72 Students from 16 Nations

All our hard work and investment is continuing to bear fruit as we brought in our largest Discipleship Training School(DTS) to date at the end of September. I can’t say it enough that it’s not just about the numbers; but it is… it’s the number of people coming to have their lives transformed, to be trained and sent on the mission field sharing the love of God all over the world!

Our Student Mobilization Team (aka student communications team)

DTS Student Baptisms Last Week


Another thing we’d love to share is this new video! Maybe you’ve seen it on Facebook, but if not, we’d love for you to take a minute to watch. We think it’s a really awesome and powerful example of what we do…



And as you may have seen in previous posts, growth in numbers results in physical growth on the base as well. It’s been a LONG road but it’s all coming together and taking shape. We’re getting so close to the finish line!

Last but not least, Elouisa… also growing and growing.

Walks down the street. oops… forgot pants this day!

Trick or treat!

Waiting patiently for Mumma to come in, or maybe thinking about feeding the local chicken or cats


Thanks so much for reading and having a hand in all of this work through your support and love. We are blessed by each of you.

-Jordan, Kendra, & Elouisa


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