Translating & Connecting... Our First Homes of Hope Build In Tijuana (+Video)

Blog by Kendra

A highlight from last month, I was able to serve in the translator role for a Homes of Hope build, which I am excited to continue doing. At the end of this update is a short video capturing some of the transformation. 


Even in a short time, I was able to connect with the family, specifically the mother of the family, Elizabeth. We chatted family, kids, faith, fun and cooked lunches together for the team, as she INSISTED on giving back in any way she could. She shared with me that she had grown up in, and they as a family continue going to the Mormon church. We were able to each discuss some of our different beliefs, and specifically our belief in Christ, as christians. We also had the opportunity to invite them to join our worship services and community on the YWAM base, a short 15 minutes from their home.


Elizabeth was a joy to connect with over the build days, while I also worked to translate  prayer times, and the dedication service, along with translating conversations between build team members and the family. This family was deserving in many ways. With a weekly salary of just 90 US dollars, and a home that would constantly fill with water in the rainy seasons, they were overwhelmed to set foot into their new, safe, warm, and dry home.


Two weeks after they received their home, Elizabeth reached out to me, and the entire family met up with us to join us on the YWAM base for dinner and our community worship night. We were so pleased to welcome them and spend more time together, while sharing in our worship time all together.

Here’s the family - Elizabeth, Fernando, Cristian and twins, Ever and Erik.


Along with a short video highlight of the build days and our journey together…


Thank you for reading and keeping up with us! We appreciate each one of you who in many different ways help to form this team in serving Mexico. We look forward to sharing more news from Tijuana soon!

-Kendra, Jordan & fam


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