The Past Two Months… In Photos!

So much to share!

Hey y’all, Kendra here. So much to share on from the past two months! First of all, we have some exciting news, and also something we would really like to ask your prayer for right now.

Exciting news! – We will be coming for a visit to Pennsylvania on December 7th! We cannot wait to reconnect with family, friends, and supporters, while also refreshing and enjoying Christmas back home. We feel blessed beyond words to be able to have this time.

Prayer Request – As a family we have been fighting sickness NONSTOP for over a month now. It really feels like we just can’t catch a break, and honestly it is starting to wear on us. As soon as we get over one sickness, we catch something else. And of course, if one of us gets it… it is just a matter of time until the whole family has come down with it! All of this to say, we are ready to get past this and would love your prayer in this area. The enemy wants to keep us down physically and at heart, (and it feels like he is working pretty hard at it lately) but we will keep fighting! Your prayers are powerful and we would appreciate them so so much right now.

Okay, so on to the update! As we mentioned last time, we traveled as a family to Costa Rica to attend a global YWAM gathering. It was an encouraging time for all of us, reconnecting and refocusing as a mission. Jordan was able to specifically connect and meet with many other leaders in the YWAM communications field as they continue moving forward and growing.

Daddy sneaking photos of Elouisa and Momma during worship.

Elouisa chatting with Loren Cunningham, the founder of YWAM, about her future plans as a missionary kid. 🙂 

In other news, Jordan was recently asked to run a communications training seminar in Switzerland and spent a week there in October. They flew him out to teach and train their team in the area of communications, as they work to see their mission grow. We missed him back home, but are so proud of the ways God is using him not only here in Mexico, but to increase the Kingdom globally. Also, we got some Swiss chocolate out of the deal so it’s a win-win all around!

Jordan teaching during a session with the Lausanne Switzerland base.

Leading more intensive training with the direct communications team.

And of course a few photos from life back home in Mexico as well…

Guadalupe turned 15! Her quinceañera (15th birthday party) was a huge success! She sported her beautiful red dress and treated us to a few organized dances she had planned and learned with her girls. I was able to meet her birth parents, as they were able to come that night. Most of the parents of the girls are not able or choose not to come to these types of events, so I know that was a very special and meaningful moment for Guadalupe. Please pray that she would continue to focus her intelligence and love for learning, not only on her school work, but on her knowledge and relationship with the Lord as well. She is such a gem and a treasure to me!

All of the young ladies together with one of their caregivers and phycologist.

I’ve recently joined a girls soccer league here in the city and I am having a blast!  It has been so good to get to know and connect with these ladies, while also getting back in some serious shape! I am developing some great friendships, and pray that I can be an encouragement and love them well as we do this thing called life together.

And last, but so far from least, is this little peanut, who continues growing and amazing us every day. What a gift to be able to be her mother!

Thank you for reading, supporting, and loving us so well. Our work is made possible by your support in all of these ways. And happy late Thanksgiving to all of our US friends and fam!

Until next time, The Norris Familia 🙂


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