New Home & Heading Home

Homes Of Hope Build

JORDAN: Last week I was able to join in on another Homes of Hope build, taking photos and helping to build. We had a great group of two families from a church in Florida, including two builders who came down for the third time this year! It’s amazing to continue to see the transformation that this ministry brings to the community. The family has gone from a house that barely had walls to a beautiful new home. Our goal is to not only provide homes but begin connecting the families with church groups and also train them in taking care of what God has given them. See more about Homes of Hope on our ministry page.

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JWN_5300Spending time with Jordan’s parents who came to visit!

KENDRA: Yes, it’s true! We’re headed home to Pennsylvania for the month of December!  I am thrilled out of my mind to say the least, and I am so thankful that God has provided this opportunity for us to be with family over Christmas. We will be spending the first half of the month working on raising our support for the upcoming year in order to continue the work God has us involved in here in Mexico. Last week we received one new partner, putting us $50 closer to our goal for the new year. Please keep us in your prayers in this exciting time! See you soon, friends and family in Pennsylvania!


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