Carnaval (Mardi Gras) 2014

Video, photos and more!

Many of you probably already know, but as a base along with lots of visitors, we hit the streets to meet people, pray for them and share the message of God. We run many different ministries during this time. This year we had an amazing dance crew hit the streets, drawing a massive crowd. Afterwards, we grabbed the speaker system and shared the gospel with everyone who had gathered around. I love how God uses our gifting for His glory! The video below will give you a better taste of the amazing craziness of Carnaval!




I, Kendra, was a part of a free beauty salon we ran near Carnaval. Everyone loves something free!!! It was an amazing idea to get people in the “doors”, start conversation and have tons of opportunities to share about Christ. I spent most of my time greeting at the door and bringing people into the salon. I brought a stack of free spanish bibles, and actually had people coming up to me asking if and how they could get one of the “books”! So good… God is so good!


Andddddd last, but CERTAINLY not least…. We had Kendra’s family here with us for a week, and together we built a home for a family in need. Man, was it amazing! Thanks again for all who supported this build and helped to make it happen. This family’s life is forever changed and we look forward to seeing how their relationship with Christ continues to grow! See our next post for a short video of the build!



Lots and lots and lots of love,
Kendra & Jordan

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