Back in Maz: God Always Provides!


What a blessing these last few months have been! We had such a wonderful time in Pennsylvania, spending time with family and working on fundraising for the next year in Mexico. From meeting with friends and family to Christmas celebrations, it was a busy but really incredible time. We were able to hold an event at our local church and had a great time sharing about what we do here in Mexico and inviting people to join with us financially and prayerfully. All in all God blessed us hugely with one time donations and new monthly partners, and we are excited to say that we’re back in Mazatlan and have almost met our need for this year! Thank you Lord that you are always so faithful! If you were interested in joining with us but didn’t get a chance to meet with us, we would still love to get in contact with you. Shoot us an email or check out our “partner” page to help us reach our goal.




Now that we’re back, we’ve been busy prepping for our upcoming ministry called Carnaval. It has been a hectic time, but God has His funny way of using craziness to teach us how to rely on Him and hand Him our concerns. He is just so good! Carnaval is a six day street fair/outdoor clubbing scene hosted in Mazatlan every year. It’s the time where tons  of people flood the city to party and go wild. We LOVE this, because it is a perfect opportunity for us as a base to attack the city with the love of Jesus. We call in the troops from churches and youth groups from all over the world to join with us as we evangelize to the city during Carnaval. From the evening until 2am, we hit the streets with groups prepared to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We will also be running a free cafe, in order to create an environment for discussion to begin. Last year’s salvation count was right around 350!!! Please keep praying for us as a base, and the people of Mazatlan over the next ten days as our Carnaval outreach starts tomorrow! We’re looking forward to seeing how God moves and can’t wait to share with you next month.

Thank you for your prayers, support and love!
-Jordan & Kendra

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