Baby Elouisa and More!


We’re excited to share lots of photos and stories from the last few months. It seems like forever since we’ve last written, but such is life with a newborn baby! Speaking of baby, Miss. Elouisa is happy and healthy. She currently weighs 11 pounds and is growing fast! We will be heading to Pennsylvania in November for my (Kendra’s) brother’s wedding and to introduce the little nugget to all of her friends and family up north. We’re excited to be in Pennsylvania a little longer than normal, as we spend time with family together with baby, and spend Elouisa’s first Christmas with her whole Pennsylvanian family!

Before we get to the baby photos, a few exciting things happened before she arrived…

2016-07-10-at-12-33-22-1The photo above was such a beautiful moment full of tears of joy, laughter and excitement… and one of my favorite moments from over the past few months. On Sundays we go with the girls from the girls home to a nearby church. This Sunday was so special as one of the newest members of the home, Marbella, accepted Christ as her Savior! There was an invitation at the very end of the service, and after a few minutes of contemplation, she decided to step up front! It was brilliant in so many ways. After others saw her courage in going to the front, 5 or 6 adults in the church stood up, were prayed for and accepted Christ as well. Sometimes all it takes is one brave person to give others the courage to take the step as well. We are, and continue to be so very proud of her. Please keep Marbella specifically in your prayers as she continues to learn and walk into her new life as a follower of Christ. She is truly a beautiful soul! This is what it’s really all about and we are honored to be a part of walking with her in this journey.


2016-07-20-at-15-19-46-1All of my beautiful ladies from the girls home at my baby shower just two weeks before Elouisa’s arrival. They had a blast and loved being able to be a part of all the action!


2016-08-05-at-17-41-37-1Officially permanent residents of Mexico! This means no more Visa applications. We were 100% approved and can live here as long as the Lord calls. A HUGE thank you to all who gave specifically towards these costs. (Also, 9 months pregnant in this picture and ready to burst!)


2016-08-14-at-10-25-12This precious little gift was born! Elouisa Rae Norris. 3.6kg – 7lbs 14oz. Born after 12 hours of natural labor. We are blessed!


2016-09-06-at-20-39-11Getting her Mexican birth certificate with Nana and Grandpa. In Mexico they do not issue it in the hospital, but is issued at the Civil Registry office. She had to give her fingerprints and everything! Officially a Mexican citizen!


screen-shot-2016-09-30-at-1-42-40-pmShe’s a happy and sleepy girl most of the time! Of course we’ve had (and continue to have) our share of exhausting moments as new parents but overall we feel so fortunate to have such a peaceful baby. We would certainly love your prayers as we continue to embark on this journey of being parents.


screen-shot-2016-09-30-at-1-45-38-pmLeft: Hanging out with us at the Soccer Club pool party and meeting all the kiddos. Right: First flight ever at 7 weeks! Headed to Mexico City to apply for her American citizenship. Proudly an American citizen as well!


2016-09-23-at-15-03-29Another photo of the Soccer Club pool party. We had such a great turnout and the kids loved it! It was a great opportunity to meet a few of their parents as well and introduce them to the YWAM base.


And last but certainly not least… below is a picture of the largest Discipleship Training School we have had to date at YWAM Mazatlan! 43 students being trained to know God and make Him known. I am so incredibly proud of my husband who has worked extremely hard over the past few months leading the Communications team. They have promoted, recruited, called, prayed for, and fought for these students to be here! Below you can see them on their first day of class, having almost outgrown the classroom!img_3583

We love you all, and we are honored to be able to serve the Lord in the way He has called us. You truly play such an irreplaceable role in each and every detail of our ministry here. Thank you!

With love and thankful hearts -Kendra, Jordan & Elouisa

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